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Local Author: Timothy E. Wilkerson

Tim retired from the United States Army as a Chief Warrant Officer and helicopter pilot.  He is a veteran of the Vietnam Police Action (War).  After active duty, he joined the Ohio Army National Guard and continued to serve in the reserves until his retirement, twenty-three years later, from the Illinois Army National Guard. During his twenty-seven years of service to his country, he flew as a pilot in the unit, an Instructor Pilot, and Maintenance Test Pilot.  He flew in support of State missions, as well as continued his training as a pilot and officer.  He also attended the … Continue reading

Books by local Authors

Yesterday is Gone – Now the Time By Timothy Wilkerson

“Yesterday is Gone – Now the Time” is the third book of the Yesterday Series and is a science fiction sequel to “Yesterday is now the Present” Pete Rogers and Kent Williams continue their adventures to help family, friends, and neighbors in Dayton Valley to survive in a new world. The two adventurers continue to fight battles and fly to the stars to find help for those in their new found home.  They discover friends long past and new family members. Now is the time for everyone to learn how to adapt to the challenges of a new life. http://www.timwilkersonbooks.com/nowtime.html … Continue reading

Yesterday is now the Present by Timothy Wilkerson

“Yesterday is now the Present” is the second book of the Yesterday Series and is a science fiction sequel to “Yesterday from the Future”A group of wedding guests were tele-transported from their time to the future by an unknown entity.  Their lives were turned upside-down.  They lost almost everything.  The only thing they owned were the clothes on their backs, their aircars and the things in them. They now had to learn to live a life as new colonists in a beautiful rich valley.        Follow Pete Rogers and Kent Williams as they place themselves in danger to protect the … Continue reading

Yesterday from the Future by Timothy Wilkerson

“Yesterday from the Future” is the first book of The Yesterday Series and is a science fiction story of a group of people tele-transported from their time to the future by an unknown entity.  The church complex and all of the wedding guests and staff find themselves on an unknown planet in an unknown time. From the time they realize they are in a new location, they begin the long process of learning how to survive and how to get along for the welfare of everyone.  They are faced by their deadly differences and then joined together by their need … Continue reading

Asteroid Crisis By Tim Wilkerson

Asteroid Crisis Introduction   The asteroid came out of nowhere.  It traveled towards the earth at speeds that would plunge it into the surface with enough force that would be considered a planet killer. As it flew over the east coast of the United States and then buried itself in the Atlantic Ocean, everyone would believe that the stories of Armageddon, doomsday and the end of days had arrived. No one could stop it and no one had time to respond to its approach other then gaze at it with awe, except for one. The effects of the fiery ball … Continue reading

Clear Left! Clear Right! By Timothy Wilkerson

“Clear Left! Clear Right!” By Timothy Wilkerson Read about one soldier’s life in the US Army and his perceptions of his time in service.  Experience the life of an ordinary soldier and pilot during ordinary times in the military through his logs.  Follow a chronological order of events to include his one year tour in Vietnam from November 1968 to November 1969.  Read his daily log of events and inserts from his flight log and the stories behind many entries. The Author retired after he spent over twenty-seven years as a Chief Warrant Officer and Helicopter Pilot.  He served on … Continue reading