About Us

Moultrie Online was a web project that began in late 2001 early 2002 as part of an effort to help get our county online and to help connect people with what Moultrie County, Illinois has to offer.  It has since evolved into spanning local businesses and organizations, local events, local stories, and even helped spawn our monthly publication of Moultrie Happenings.


Moultrie Happenings

Moultrie Happenings is a print publication which is distributed along with the News Progress newspaper which serves the Moultrie County area.  It was created as a go-to source for local information to help get the word out on local events, local deals and local interest stories and much more.  Each issue of Moultrie Happenings is printed and released towards the beginning of each month with that weeks issue of the News Progress.


Local Directory

We offer a local directory were local businesses may post their own listings.  We do moderate our listings and retain the rights to refuse entries that we believe to be false, inflammatory, hateful, harmful, malicious, misleading, or could be considered spam.  If you have a business or organization that you would like listed we ask that you please read the full Directory Terms of Use before submitting a listing.